About us


The idea for Hazelnut Exotic Bakes existed long before we opened our doors. In the search for a name for this new bakery, we wanted something not connected to any country or culture, yet reflecting our philosophy.
Hazelnuts have been consumed by humans since prehistoric times. Evidence of the cultivation of hazelnuts exists in excavations sites in China that date back over 5,000 years. An ancient manuscript also listed hazelnuts as one of China’s five sacred foods. Hazelnuts were a large part of the prehistoric hunter and gatherer’s diet, and the nuts probably provided them with enough nutrition to sustain them between hunting seasons.

At Hazelnut Bakery we are cake artists with a love for creating the sweetest part of your celebration.

It all starts with recipes that are carefully crafted from scratch, a design that perfectly reflects your personality and a team of pastry chefs and cake decorators that are experienced in executing edible masterpieces.
Our aesthetic approach is classic, joyful and always elegant. We believe that details matter. This is your most important day, and we are here to ensure that everyone remembers the cake.

Our cakes, fillings and frostings are made from scratch every day, using fresh, quality ingredients resulting in unmatched flavor and deliciousness.  Our frosting is our signature – a light and creamy buttercream whipped fresh each morning and flavored with real ingredients like special vanilla, homemade caramel, fresh fruits and Belgium chocolate.

Our cupcakes create a buzz of excitement with any crowd and allow you to serve multiple flavor options.

Our savories and desserts have been the highlight of many weddings, parties, family reunions and corporate events.

We deliver happiness by ensuring quality and economical standards. Give us an opportunity to prove ourselves. We’ll be glad to make your special events much more special.